Unique Ways to Structure Play to Earn Games with King Krusher from Crypto Wars

11 min readJul 14, 2022

In this episode of Freedom with NFT’s Ryan aka King Krusher shares with us about:

  • More about the Crypto Wars project
  • Interesting ways to structure play to earn games
  • His advice for people that are just starting at the NFT project

About Ryan aka King Krusher:

Ryan aka King Krusher is the creator and founder of CryptoWars NFT. CryptoWars is a unique collection of 25,000 NFTS, split into three different armies on three different blockchain. 8,300 fighters are available in the NFT realm, Ethereum, Solana, and Cardano. He and his team started CryptoWars NFT in July of 2021 and their goal is to make Crypto Wars a household name and watch this project take over the NFT space!

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Hi, Ryan, how are you today?

[00:00:44] Ryan aka King Krusher: Hey, Lauren, thank you for having me. Great to be here. Doing great. How are you?

[00:00:48] Lauren Turton: I’m doing wonderful. I’m super pumped to connect with you and talk about your experiences in the web three space with your project, Crypto Wars. But before we get into that, tell me a little bit about your background.

[00:01:02] Ryan aka King Krusher: So I graduated with a marketing degree undergrad in communications. And then I was playing a lot of sport back then. So I also went back and got my master’s in general business. From there, I’ve kind of worked in an array of industries, but mainly investing in properties in Australia was kind of the big one. So property investment did some work in kind of sales in the car industry a little bit as well. But yeah, most of the focus has been marketing or managing real estate.

[00:01:33] Lauren Turton: Thank you for sharing with us your background, I think it’s important to share that information because it helps put the human connection to the avatars that we see on Twitter and online. Tell me about when you first found out about NFT’s.

[00:01:49] Ryan aka King Krusher: So, NFT’s were probably first brought up to me related to kind of sport highlights and kind of people started talking about these things, NFT’s that you could buy a sport highlight or, you know, a replay, if you will. And I kind of at that time, honestly, I was like, This is ridiculous. Like I can go watch that on SportsCenter, I can go pull up, I can pull up YouTube, anything like that, I really was not, I wasn’t sold. Granted, I didn’t know much about it other than, you know, some whispers from some people here and there. And then obviously, last year, kind of when everything went a little bit crazy. We were we’re stuck in lockdown. And that’s when I really sort of got into a deep dive from a consumer standpoint, I started really, really getting into NFT’s probably early April May ish of 2021. And started, you know, purchasing my own really getting interested in involved in it. And then come a little bit later, July or August, we were still stuck in lockdown in Sydney, we decided, You know what, let’s dive into this from an actual project management perspective. And you know, put some skin in the game.

[00:02:52] Lauren Turton: Tell me about your project Crypto Wars.

[00:02:55] Ryan aka King Krusher: So Crypto Wars came about, as I said, kind of, you know, June, July, August is when we really put our heads together and came up with the idea. And what we wanted to do was pit kind of three of the major blockchains against each other in a mobile war game. So we at that time, obviously, and potentially still Ethereum was king. Obviously, Solana was, you know, the next big up and comer. And then at that time, Cardano was being labeled like, you know, the next big major mover and shaker. So we said, you know, the rivalries are already there. The enthusiasts already, you know, have their chain selected, they’re very loyal. So why don’t we actually, you know, pick these these three against each other, but in a fun and competitive environment and then create a play to earn game. And that’s, you know, we’re still in the, in the works of, you know, finalizing that. But that’s the theme and the, the concept around the project Crypto Wars. And and yeah, it’s been great working on it so far.

[00:03:51] Lauren Turton: Tell me more about the project that you have.

[00:03:55] Ryan aka King Krusher: Yeah, Perfect. So Crypto Wars is a is a top down play to earn mobile shooter game. And basically, what we wanted to do is, is create these three different armies on these three different blockchains and have them battle each other. And then within that, there’s kind of a whole ecosystem where you can actually breed there’s a native token that belongs to each so for example, for the Ethreum ETHS their token would be Krypton, where you can harvest this and Mother mother land plots, Solana skulls, there’s a token called marrow so and so on and so forth. You use these tokens to to breed to reroll to try to upgrade your statistics and your your gaming abilities. So there it is kind of a self sustaining ecosystem. And we’re hoping that you know, people will be involved to the point where where the coins the tokens kind of carry some some value and some weight. But, but yeah, definitely looking forward to seeing how the game plays out and and how it all evolves.

[00:04:56] Lauren Turton: Tell me more about what’s been going on. When did you launch the project and what are some learning lessons that have come up during this time?

[00:05:04] Ryan aka King Krusher: Okay, so I have a tattoo artists friend in Sydney Kenny, and right around, you know that July August, when we’re looking to launch he was the first person that I reached out to. Obviously being a tattoo artist, he had been stuck in lockdown for ages, nothing he could do. So he was on board right away, we looked at kind of some of the characters that he says, I guess the strength of of some of the character sets that he had drawn in the past ETs or aliens happen to be one. He was really good at like skulls and like robots and things like that. So we right away, we created the three character sets, you know, the Ethreum ETHS Solana skulls and Cardano crypto bots, it just fit perfectly. From there, you know, we made hybrid characters and, you know, super, super characters and things like that. And then so right away, we, you know, we jumped on to the Twitter started promoting the project. They’re, like most projects, we created a discord. And from there, we we’ve gotten to a stage where we’ve released 1000 pieces, which are a special Genesis collection, they’re called the Genesis spies. And then from here on out, we’ve we still got to go through the whole Ethereum ETS collection, the Solana legion of skulls and the Cardano crypto bots. So still a long ways to go. Within each ecosystem, I guess, if you will, there’s also going to be you know, breeding, there’s reroll capabilities, plots of land. So we’re really at the early early stages. And even though you know, we started last year, there’s just so many complexities involved that it’s, it’s gonna be a long haul and, and we’re in it for the long haul.

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Thank you for sharing the details of the project, what advice would you give for people or projects that are just starting their project?

[00:07:09] Ryan aka King Krusher: Number one thing I would say is that, you know, people are really what mattered most in this space. Obviously, you know, the the sentiment community is king is one that gets passed a lot around a lot. But also your team I found early on, especially because we were kind of new newbies into the space as project owners that trying to I guess recruit and retain quality people, not just experts, but actually quality people is is harder than then then you think especially if you want them to kind of buy into the project rather than having to pay and can continuously outsource and you know, have some skin in the game that way. But when you do find these people, you know, community wise and team wise, keep keep them around that they’re, they’re the most important parts. And then always scheduling some breaks. And, you know, scheduling breaks and and other things. I think you and I were kind of laughing about this beforehand, just you know, the first six months, I didn’t step away from my computer for you know, 12 16 hours a day most days and it really can take a toll like you need to schedule in walks you need to get out get some vitamin D see the sun do some you know sports or games or whatever else, you know, your passions or hobbies are, don’t forget about those because it’s easy to go down the rabbit hole and you know, find that you’re in pretty deep.

[00:08:27] Lauren Turton: Thank you for sharing that with us very important. And for anyone who consumes any of my other content, you know that I’m always talking about self care, taking breaks, etc. Especially when you’re first starting this journey. I know that I’ve gone down the rabbit hole myself, and I was like look, whoa, I need to get out of this. Like you said you can spend 10 12 14 16 18 hours a day without going outside taking a walk. So thank you for sharing that. King Crusher. I’m curious to know, what’s your favorite memory so far during your NFT journey?

[00:09:02] Ryan aka King Krusher: You know, there’s so many but I think seeing some of the people that you’ve met online in real life, so we had NFT Sydney was one event put on and then NFT Melbourne was another and just, you know, being able to finally meet people that you’ve spoken to in Twitter spaces or, you know, an AMA’s or just kind of messaged here and there on Discord. It’s just it’s a really cool experience. And sometimes you kind of build up this perception of what someone should look like or sound like in real life. And they’re completely different to what you know, what they personify online. And it’s kind of funny, but it’s also it’s nice to get that human connection as well.

[00:09:40] Lauren Turton: Absolutely. I agree with you 100% on that. What are you looking forward to in the space and the upcoming months?

[00:09:48] Ryan aka King Krusher: Well, obviously, I think everybody’s kind of looking forward to NFT NYC. I think this year is going to be probably even bigger and better than last and I know how much of a success it was last year. So we’re actually looking forward to that, and just the continuation of the evolution of the space itself. And you know, specifically when it comes to gaming and NFT’s because, you know, there’s a lot of hype and a lot of people kind of touting that as, as the next big player in in any industry, but especially in NFTs is that gaming is really going to be at the top of the list. So I’m curious to watch the evolution unfold. And then obviously, to play our part in that as well. And you know, when things are kind of said and done, and we press play in the games live just to, to experience that and, you know, smile, and then just sit back and enjoy.

[00:10:37] Lauren Turton: Absolutely. So tell us what’s next for Crypto Wars.

[00:10:42] Ryan aka King Krusher: So we have 500 Genesis spies left that we’re going to that we’re going to move, the Genesis spies are special characters, and that they don’t require any secondary characters to breed with. So those characters come with it free sidekick in our in our ecosystem. Once we move that, as I said, we’ll we’ll move on to the Ethereum ETHs, the Solana legion of skulls and the Corrado crypto bots kind of one at a time. And basically, just once that’s done, said and done, like I said, just pressing play on the actual game itself, and, you know, getting some of our community to test it in beta phase, things like that. Really looking forward to seeing how it all plays out.

[00:11:22] Lauren Turton: I’m looking forward to seeing how it all plays out. I know that you and I’ve been connected for quite some time now. So it’s been great to watch your journey. And finally, have you on the Freedom with NFT’s podcast. Before we wrap this episode up? Are there any other golden nuggets you want to share with the Freedom with NFT’s audience?

[00:11:41] Ryan aka King Krusher: Look, I just would say to any you know anyone that’s looking to start their, their own project, stick to your vision, there’s always going to be there’s going to be some flutters there’s going to be people out there that just want a quick flip. And there’s nothing wrong with that. But don’t let them deter you from you know, the vision or the goal from when you started your project and what you kind of see it playing out as you know, it’s easy to kind of let noise sway you from your original goal and vision in any aspect of life. But I think you know, just try to try to weed out the bad stick to the good and and good things will happen. Just chop wood carry water as I say.

[00:12:21] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for that and how do we stay in touch with you? And how do we stay in touch with Crypto Wars?

[00:12:27] Ryan aka King Krusher: So the project on Twitter is @cryptowarsNFT. From there you can find everything our link tree has our Discord, Instagram, things like that. My Twitter handle is @King_Krusher16. And yeah, we’d be happy to connect with as many people out there as possible for sure.

[00:12:44] Lauren Turton: And how do you spell your Twitter handle?

[00:12:48] Ryan aka King Krusher: Sorry, it is at so it’s King K I N G underscore Krusher with a K K R U S H E R 16.

[00:12:58] Lauren Turton: Wonderful, thank you so much for being on the Freedom with NFT’s podcast King Krusher. I look forward to seeing the next phases of your project. Freedom with NFT’s audience, you know the drill. If you aligned with this episode, please share it with your communities. When I started this podcast, it was my intention to share this information with the masses so that more people could get informed and get involved. That’s all for this episode. We’ll see you on the next one.

I’m your host, Lauren Turton. And it’s been an honor to show up for you in this format, and support you on your journey, and creating your version of freedom with NFTs and web three technology. Please share this episode with your community so we can onboard and educate more people so that the masses could leverage and implement this technology. And don’t forget, get informed and get involved.

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