The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Day 2

Spotify Podcast Episode: The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Day 2

In this episode of Freedom with NFT’s we will have a mash up episode of The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Day 2 Interview featuring:

  • Dowhatyoulove.artist on ig

They will share with us:

  • What does Sergey Gordienko (Dowhatyoulove.artist) do in the NFT space?

– Farming

  • Tell me what does scoutible do?

– Mongol NFT

  • How did Steven get into the NFT space?

[00:00:00] Lauren Turton: I’m Lauren Turton with the freedom with NFTs podcast. And I’m here in Miami, Florida at the North American Bitcoin conference day two, and I am standing next to the lovely Sergey Gordienko, who is under the Instagram handle as Dowhatyoulove.artist. Sergey how are you today?

[00:00:21] Dowhatyoulove.artist: I’m doing great. Thank you.

[00:00:23] Lauren Turton: Tell me, what is it that you do in the NFT space?

[00:00:26] Dowhatyoulove.artist: So basically, I’m just transformed my physical art pieces into the digital form and allow it to my collectors, and my followers to have digital piece of my art with utilities. So like there is a difference utilities, some of them like it goes with my like physical piece, go with my digital piece, or it has NFT with like for example, with some NFT, you can get like a custom pin check it, or a custom paid physical portrait of yourself, like kind of it’s a, give a little bit more interesting features into like just a digital, beautiful piece of art that you can observe on your left to.

[00:01:02] Lauren Turton: Tell me. What was your life as an artist, like before you started leveraging NFTs?

[00:01:06] Dowhatyoulove.artist: Well, before NFTs pop up in my life. I’ve been doing like physical pieces, like whole my life and graphic design and motion design. And I tried myself different shapes in the form of art.

So it was very organically, you know, like it, when the NFT came to my life, I just understood this is the amazing possibility for all artists around the world to have more freedom and have more support from around the world. So people now like that doesn’t have to be like a come into your studio or your gallery to support you and have a piece of art from you.

So that’s an incredible thing, I guess.

[00:01:44] Lauren Turton: What has life been like for you as an artist, since you’ve started to leverage NFTs, what doors have opened for you?

[00:01:51] Dowhatyoulove.artist: I met so many cool people, like, you know, through NFT market is just the new market. As I said, like, if there is no borders, there is no limits.

There is like people around the world, coming to finding me somehow and we get an ocean. We connected on Instagram or like a Twitter or sometimes like if they come in, in Miami and they want to see my physical pieces. So like yeah, through the NFT market and digital market, like anonymous kind of thing.

I find so many cool people in real life as well. And we became friends and like even like partners in some projects. So it’s definitely amazing opportunity for all artists and all creative people.

[00:02:29] Lauren Turton: So tell me, what advice would you give an artist who hasn’t started to leverage NFTs yet?

[00:02:35] Dowhatyoulove.artist: My advice would be just start like right away. Don’t wait till somebody’s gonna bring you into a NFT space. Go to YouTube, go to Google. See like educate yourself and see how it works.

Try different things go to clubhouse, join different communities, talk to the artists and just get involved in this movement because it’s just the beginning. So yeah.

[00:03:00] Lauren Turton: And one last question before we wrap this interview up, how can we get ahold of you?

[00:03:05] Dowhatyoulove.artist: So it’s a Dowhatyoulove.artist on Instagram.

I also have my collection on the opensea, on foundation app and pretty much all other platforms. Yeah, the best way is just like Instagram, like in direct message me on Instagram and yeah, let’s stay connected.

[00:03:19] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for your time.

I’m super excited because I’m next to Adrian, who is the CEO of the minters. Adrian, how are you today?

[00:03:27] Adrian: I’m doing really well. Just great to be here in sunny Miami Florida.

[00:03:31] Lauren Turton: Tell me what does the minters do?

[00:03:33] Adrian: And so the minters and the minters collective is a collective of artists that really helps the artists that get onboarded to the NFT space. And so what we do is provide a marketing, solidity and smart contract development. We help you create social media and really taking traditional artists and getting them native to the NFT space.

[00:03:54] Lauren Turton: Incredible. And what did you do before the minters? I always like to know people’s backstory on what’s going down before they got into the NFT space.

[00:04:01] Adrian: Well, before I got into the NFT space, finance and artificial intelligence was my background. And so I’ve always been curious about technology discovered Bitcoin back in 2013, and somebody said, Hey, you want to help these artists get in and onboard to NFTs and I said, sure, why not.

[00:04:16] Lauren Turton: That’s incredible. And tell me about the shift that you’ve seen in regards to artists that start to leverage an NTS.

[00:04:25] Adrian: What I’ve seen is that it really democratized the ability for artists to make a living from their artwork, regardless of whether they are in the U S or wherever they are in the world.

And really shifting from that traditional art space where you make a piece and sell it once. But being able to earn over time from your intellectual property.

[00:04:43] Lauren Turton: Thank you you and for any artists who might be curious about getting into the NFT space, what piece of advice would you give them?

[00:04:49] Adrian: I would say that you have to go NATO.

You gotta be on the ground, interact with people, create, talk to them, you know, really nurture the people that are going to be the collectors of your art as a community. And that’s what I would say.

[00:05:01] Lauren Turton: Thank you and one last question for you, Adrian. How do we find you? What’s your handle on Twitter?

[00:05:05] Adrian: And so I go by AoverK on Twitter and also you can visit to find out more about the minters collective.

[00:05:13] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for your time Adrian.

I’m with Dreamer who is Head of DeFi at DeFi kingdoms. Hello, Dreamer, how are you today?

[00:05:21] Dreamer: Good. Thank you. How are you Lauren?

[00:05:23] Lauren Turton: I’m doing wonderful. I’m excited to dig into who you are and what you have going on. So tell us what does DeFi Kingdoms specialize in?

[00:05:31] Dreamer: And a lot of different things. So in the name, obviously DeFi.

So we have our own decks around decentralized exchange where you can come and trade. Our unique part of it is it’s a gamified platform, so it’s traditional like pixel arts. That is for many very nostalgic to like early nineties, 2000 video games. Our NFTs though are where it’s really unique. So they’re dynamic NFTs that represent a hero in a video game, and that hero a warrior, a thief, a wizard can gain experience, level up, evolve, and that hero can be used to earn resources in the game.

So it’s a play to earn game with our own decks and gamified.

[00:06:10] Lauren Turton: It sounds absolutely incredible. So for someone who might be new to the space. Why would they want to get involved with what you’re up to at Defi kingdoms?

[00:06:19] Dreamer: Sure. So if you are new to decentralized trading, there’s a term called farming or liquidity providing, many don’t understand it.

The gamified approach simplifies it in terms of getting a seed, planting it in the garden. The garden grows Jewel, which is our token, rather than understanding like what a Dex is, what an LBCOIN is, how to stake it and so on. There’s that aspect. The other aspect is if you have like axie infinity or played or in games.

Look updappradar, Defi kingdoms doubles that of axie infinity volume with one fourth to one seventh, the player base, and only four months we’ve been growing up to 1.3 billion market cap at this point. So definitely a name to watch definitely still early and really caters to all audiences involved in NFT training where blockchain in general.

[00:07:05] Lauren Turton: Thank you, dreamer. And before we wrap this interview up, I’m curious to know how do we get ahold of Defi Kingdoms?

[00:07:11] Dreamer: Sure. So go to or follow me on Twitter @DreamerDFK. We also have our Defi Kingdoms Twitter as well. So reach out, we have a great discord.

We have a lot of mods stop in there and help anybody new. Go check out the game. That looks beautiful. It’s fun. And it’s been quite profitable and enjoyable for many involvement.

[00:07:31] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for your time, dreamer.

I’m here with Angela Anthony, who is the founder and CEO of Scoutible. Angela, how are you today?

[00:07:39] Angela Antony: I’m doing great.

[00:07:41] Lauren Turton: Tell me what does Scoutible do?

[00:07:43] Angela Antony: So Scoutible is a to earn professional network and hiring platform. Built around a core game technology that we built, where in 15 minutes of playing a mobile game, we actually surface all of the most predictive and powerful qualities about a person that drive their performance and what they love on the job, such as their personality traits, their decision-making styles, cognitive abilities, and so much more.

[00:08:06] Lauren Turton: I am so curious to know, where did the idea for Scoutible come from?

[00:08:11] Angela Antony: So the entire concept behind Scoutible actually came from research that I was leading at Harvard law school and Harvard business school. Trying to understand if we look across the US economy more than half of hires fail. So I was trying to understand how is it that despite all the time and resources and very smart people at all of our companies nationwide, do we actually do a worse job than random chance, than a coin toss, in terms of selecting the right candidates.

And as I started peeling back, the layers of the onion of this problem identified that the single most powerful and accurate hiring criteria known to exist are actually personality traits and cognitive abilities but their not in the current hiring process at all for a few scientific technical reasons.

And so I hypothesized that we could build a game that would actually give us all of that most powerful information about someone’s potential and be able to intercept the job market with it and that’s what Scoutible does.

[00:09:02] Lauren Turton: Amazing. And so how does someone get more information or get involved with Scoutible?

[00:09:07] Angela Antony: Yeah. So just go to and you can actually sign up for our consumer launch that’s happening soon, where we’re actually launching a play to earn training feature where you can actually get paid to learn different skills that operationalize your natural potential. So that’s something that we’re super excited about.

But you can also just go to the app store, and download the Scoutible game and try it out.

[00:09:28] Lauren Turton: Amazing. This is earth-shattering groundbreaking. You are a pioneer in this space. I’m so glad that I connected with you. Speaking of how do we actually connect with you personally?

[00:09:38] Angela Antony: Yeah, you can add me on Twitter at Angela Anthony or Instagram the same way.

And yeah, it would love to to start a dialogue.

[00:09:46] Lauren Turton: How do you spell Angela Anthony on Twitter for those who are listening and not able to check the show notes.

[00:09:52] Angela Antony: It’s @angelaanthony.

[00:09:58] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for your time, Angela.

I’m here with Steven from crypto gold rush.

Stephen, how are you today?

[00:10:05] Steven: Yeah, very good. And getting a little bit tired because we’ve been interviewing quite a few people but all good. Keep the energy going.

[00:10:11] Lauren Turton: I’m curious to know why are you interviewing people?

[00:10:14] Steven: Okay. So we’re interviewing for a new documentary that we’re working on called crypto gold rush.

It’s basically, it’s a documentary about our we’re living through this time where there’s before crypto and then now there’s crypto and the world is changing forever.

[00:10:30] Lauren Turton: Tell me during your interviewing process, what’s been some of the most interesting things that folks have shared with you?

[00:10:38] Steven: Well, one of the latest interviews we did just this afternoon is actually from a company called Mongol NFT.

And they’re a group of guys from Mongolia. They’ve created a NFT company. That’s actually using artists from Mongolia to create NFTs, but it’s actually creating like money coming into Mongolia for culture and everything else going on there. So it just shows how the world is open to crypto in a big, big way, like never before.

[00:11:07] Lauren Turton: I’m curious to know Steven, how did you get into this space?

[00:11:11] Steven: So my background, is is not just in filmmaking. I’m actually a computer programmer. And over the years, I have done a few documentary films about old computers. The last 10 years I’ve actually been working in the payments industry.

So doing chip and pin code payments, contactless payment. And so crypto has already been part of my world for quite a few years. So it becomes a natural progression.

[00:11:37] Lauren Turton: Thank you. And what made you inspired to start this documentary?

[00:11:40] Steven: So I think you know, you learn about crypto, then you realize that crypto is not just about buying and selling, like the stock market.

It’s about people, it’s about creativity and it’s about the new business opportunities. And also I’ll give you an opportunity to people in different countries that may not even have a bank account, where suddenly it’s a level playing field where people can get involved. And I think that’s what gave me inspiration to actually put together the inspiration and the team to do then crypto gold rush.

[00:12:12] Lauren Turton: Thank you. And one last question, before we wrap this interview up, how can we get ahold of you?

[00:12:18] Steven: Okay. So if you want to find out more about Crypto Gold Rush, you go to And through there you can connect with us on Twitter. We have a discord channel.

You can actually find out more about the governance talk and you can become part of the team.

[00:12:37] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much, Steven. I appreciate your time.

I’d like to share with the freedom with NFTs audience is how important it is to attend in real life events. If you’re in an area where events are being hosted, I encourage you to attend because of the connections that you make and the people that you interact with and who comes your way by faith.

And I believe the person sitting next to me is going to share on a very important topic and very important subject that we all need to be aware of. And also we need to take note on how NFTs when they are leverage can help groups of people that otherwise could not be helped. Right now, I have with me, Michael, who is a part of the Tigray art collective.

Michael, how are you today?

[00:13:24] Michael: I’m good. Thank you for having me.

[00:13:26] Lauren Turton: So tell me more, what does the Tigray art collective specialize in?

[00:13:30] Michael: So our collective as is a consortium of artists from Tigray and specifically to Grise a state in Ethiopia that is currently going on a humanitarian crisis. There’s civil conflict that has basically turned into what we, you know, now is seen as an active acts of genocide done by the government and also the government of Eritrea in collaboration with Ethiopia.

And this war has been waged for about a little over a year now. And we are actively advocating for our family members, fundraising and doing everything that we can do but a lot of our efforts are being shut down. Because of a lack of access to aid. And the other aid organizations are actually pulling back because of a drone strikes that are actively occurring in the entire region.

So as a red cross and UN workers are getting killed by drone strikes, they’re actually pulling out and leaving, to grind people behind. So we have to step up and do something about it.

[00:14:26] Lauren Turton: Tell me why is this project so important to you?

[00:14:28] Michael: This project is so important to me because my mother is actually from Tigray.

My father is from Eritrea and we’re directly affected by this. Haven’t been able to speak to my grandmother and by eight months you know, we can’t get in contact with them as we normally would, because phone lines are cut off. Let alone electricity. So it’s been very hectic. This last year has been a very dark year for a lot of us.

And we’re just trying to find the light through the tunnel by, you know, advocating and going to events like this. Trying to get the crypto community involved is something that I’m really actively trying to do. One of our artists Gabriela just got featured on BBC. She just did an article and also has been advocating for art.

So I’m managing various artists to turn their artwork into NFTs.

[00:15:12] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much, Michael. And I’m curious to know from you, for people who do not have a personal connection to Tigray, why would they want to support and becone involved?

[00:15:23] Michael: The best answer is, you know this is a humanitarian crisis at the end of the day that is being muffled or silenced by politics.

The political situation is what people are looking at. Other Ethiopians have been complicit by staying silent because they’re either support of the Ethiopian government. Or they’re anxious or hatred for the previous government who had been led by two grind leaders. That shouldn’t be a reason for people to not advocate for their own people, but we have actually seen non Ethiopians been trying to donate money, while other Ethiopians have just been silently complicit, or even supporting the war from the other side by actively saying there’s an actual campaign called nomor.

Which is attempting to make more awareness to stop Western media from spreading propaganda to our people, which is really ironic because the Western media is actively depicting the truth about what’s going on, on Tigray while the Euthopian government has either been silencing it, rejecting and calling it fake news, all over media and threatening to kick out CNN, Al Jazeera and all these FBBC from DeSalvo from reporting from there because of their active reports.

So let alone amnesty and the international Kenema enter Tigray to do non-biased investigations on the acts of genocide. We’re talking about 50,000 people or more have been killed civilians. Children are starving daily. Aid hasn’t been able to go in since late April. You know, I found anybody that has a heart or has a desire to help people would genuinely see this as true.

[00:16:57] Lauren Turton: And tell me, how can we get a hold of you to support this project and your effort?

[00:17:02] Michael: You can follow us on Instagram @TigrayArtCollective. We also have our websiteat You can follow me on Instagram and my social media pages are forwarded to you as well. And I think the best way, you know, we can keep in touch is by actively supporting each other on social media.

And you know, getting involved in our Twitter spaces and clubhouse rooms when we start having conversations in started more awareness in the crypto space.

[00:17:26] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for your time, Michael. I appreciate what it is you’re doing and the insights that you shared on this important topic.

Hi Mason.

[00:17:35] Mason: Hello.

[00:17:36] Lauren Turton: I am super pumped to talk with you because you are a crypto investor and content creator. You have 1.1 million followers on tiktok.

My first question for you, Mason, is for someone who’s new to the crypto space, what is the first piece of advice that you give them?

[00:17:51] Mason: The first piece of advice would be to really start absorbing the space. The best piece of advice I could give is become a sponge. You need to basically make your social feeds just full of crypto and absorb all different perspectives.

Don’t block anything out, like don’t block any certain coins or projects out because you’d be locking yourself out of potential opportunities. So just absorb, get on Twitter, get on a Reddit, discord, join the communities and get acquainted with what’s going on here.

[00:18:26] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for that strategical advice, much appreciated.

I’m curious to know what are you most excited about in the crypto space as we kick off 2022?

[00:18:37] Mason: I am most excited about some of the projects that I’m invested in coming to full fruition. There’s a couple that I’m waiting for them to have their moment to shine. And I’m excited about NFTs. I’m excited about the metaverse coming to life, even though I think the metaverse is still like four years out.

Some of the coins that I’m holding, I’m excited to see what they do with the regulation side of this and how that affects it.

[00:19:05] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much. And Mason, tell me one tip or trick that you would give someone who literally has no clue about the crypto space.

[00:19:18] Mason: The tip I would give you is, this is the space where you can actually make millions. So if you have a thousand dollars, you’re only 10 doubles away from a million. You have to double that 10 times. In crypto, it’s very easy to double your money. Like that happens every day.

There’s a coin doubling. Right, so if you just make it your goal to hit 10, two Xs, which means double your money. You will be at a million dollars with just a thousand dollars. So the advice I’d give is just this is the space to put all your energy in right now. It is because you’ll, if you know, this is the future, then you can bet all your energy on this and it will be a net positive in the end.

[00:20:07] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much. I appreciate the tactical and strategy that you have given the freedom with NFTs audience. And one other question for you, how do we get ahold of you? How do we follow you?

[00:20:18] Mason: You can follow me on Twitter @masonversluis. And then Instagram as well.

I’m Crypto mason on Tiktok and Youtube.

[00:20:28] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much.

I’m sitting here with none other than Ragzy, who is an NFT artists. Ragzy how are you today?

[00:20:36] Ragzy: I’m good. Having a great time.

[00:20:38] Lauren Turton: Awesome. So I’m curious to know what your life was like as an artist before you started leveraging NFT.

[00:20:45] Ragzy: Well, I think all artists go through the same struggles, when they’re starting their business, you know, I’m an entrepreneur. I quit my nine to five cold Turkey to dive deep into my art several years ago. I’m a Lego artists for those of you who don’t know. And you know, it took a little while for me to gain momentum, but I was able to build a brand for myself.

And the second I saw NFTs, which I was already familiar with starting to get, I decided to launch my series on the blockchain and I absolutely love it that I’m taking my art and now entering this digital realm.

[00:21:17] Lauren Turton: Thank you. And for anyone who is new to NFTs from the artist’s point of view, what advice do you give them?

[00:21:22] Ragzy: Stay true to who you are. You know, I see a lot of things in the NFT space because you hear about the money, more than the NFTs you hear about these crazy numbers, people making crazy money. You know, a lot of artists are become sellouts in a way, cause like, oh, well this sold out. So maybe I’ll do something like that.

And I think it’s just totally the wrong way to go. I think if you’re an artist, you know, deep down inside what you like to create in life. But you know, artists struggle with this. They’re scared that other people won’t like it and other people won’t buy it. And so they shy away, never do that. You need to create the art that you want to create.

Your vibe attracts your tribe and the audience that loves it will gravitate to you. And that’s how you build a community.

[00:22:07] Lauren Turton: Thank you. On the short term, what is it that you’re most excited about as we kick off 2020?

[00:22:13] Ragzy: I’m really excited just to build on my NFT series, bike candy. I did it very differently than other artists.

I released my one of ones, one at a time. Every week I released three, a new heart into the world and see who, you know, buys it and collects it. So I’m still expanding on that, but I’m also working on a number of different NFT projects in different spaces, a metaverse related in some new platforms that are going to be launching in 2022.

So it’s going to be a busy year for sure.

[00:22:41] Lauren Turton: And let’s look at the long-term. What is one of your long-term goals in this space?

[00:22:47] Ragzy: I want to be one of the lead NFT artists in the space. You know, I know we have a long way to go. I’ve been building quite a good brand in the space, but I don’t want to just be, you know, one of the biggest female NFT artist, I want to be one of the biggest NFT artists period.

So, you know, there’s still quite a way to go, but I think what I’ve been doing on the blockchain so far is really unique and dynamic. And I think right now, The PFPs and things like that have been hot, but I think long-term the one on one artists are going to be the ones that thrive in the market.

[00:23:19] Lauren Turton: And one final question for you as we wrap up this interview, how can we get in touch with you?

Where can we follow you at?

[00:23:24] Ragzy: Sure. Well, I have ragzy crypto on Tiktok, if you’re going to be learning about NFTs. And then my Lego are pages, Ragzyart on Tiktok. My Twitter is Ragzyart.

[00:23:36] Lauren Turton: Awesome. Thank you so much for your time today. Freedom with NFTs audience, you know the drill, you know what to do, as always get informed and most importantly, get involved.

I’m Lauren Turton with the freedom with NFTs podcast. See you on the next one.

Connect with The North American Bitcoin Conference 2022 Interviewee:

Dowhatyoulove.artist Instagram: @Dowhatyoulove.artist

Adrian who is the CEO of minters Twitter: @AoverK

Minters website:

Dreamer — Head of DeFi at DeFi Kingdoms: @DreamerDFK

Defi Kingdom website:

Angela Antony founder and CEO of Scoutible Twitter and Instagram: @angelaanthony

Scoutible website:

Steven: Crypto Gold Rush website:

Tigray Art Collective Instagram: @TigrayArtCollective

Tigray Art Collective website:

Michael: Tigray Art Collective Twitter: @askmeaboutbtc

Mason Twitter and Instagram: @masonversluis

Mason Tiktok and Youtube: Crypto mason

Ragzy Tiktok: Ragzy crypto and Ragzyart

Ragzy Twitter: @Ragzyart

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