The Many Layers of an NFT Collection with That NFT Guy

Spotify Podcast Episode: The Many Layers of an NFT Collection with That NFT Guy

In episode 7 of Freedom with NFT’s, our guest That NFT Guy shares with us the many layers of NFT collection.

In this episode of Freedom with NFT’s, That NFT Guy shares with us:

  • Balancing a Day Job and NFTs

About That NFT Guy :

That NFT Guy is the co-founder of The 8.1 Uncaged which is the first NFT collection to release an entire series of characters to holders of the original character. He is also an NFT collector and a crypto adopter.

In this episode of Freedom with NFTs, we talked about his first experience with NFT and his advice or tips for those who are still starting out in NFTs and creating their first artwork.

[00:00:00] Lauren Turton: When I started freedom with NFTs, I did it because I wanted to bring the knowledge of NFTs to the masses. And I also wanted to connect further with those that were doing incredible things in the NFT space. And I’m so excited to bring to freedom with NFTs, someone who’s involved in projects that are innovative, creative, and truly stunning.

I welcomed that NFT guy. He’s a creative strategist by training with a passion for anything digital or nerdy. He’s the co-founder of the 8.1 uncaged. The first NFT character series, which is airdropping eight characters over 12 months. And he’s a keen NFT collector and an early crypto adopter. I welcome to the floor, that NFT guy.

How’s your day going so far?

[00:00:51] That NFT Guy: Oh, I am buzzing. I am buzzing just to be here. I’ve been looking forward to this for quite a while now. So I thank you so much for having me on your show.

[00:01:00] Lauren Turton: It’s an honor to have you here today. And before we get into questions about the NFT world, I’d love to get to know you a little bit more.

So tell me about your past work experiences or what your current day job is now.

[00:01:16] That NFT Guy: Yeah. So I’ve spent the last five years working as, it’s going to sound like a bit of a made up job title, but I assure you it was a real job. So I worked as a, what you call a creative strategist. So that’s where you kind of work to define the idea behind a TV series, advertising campaign, something by understanding the audience, understanding what’s popular.

And taking that and kind of building a creative brief from that, and then working with creatives to execute that. So I’ve worked the last five years, basically working the step before something is executed creatively. So I, you know, the NFC world is something that is just, I feel it was just such a calling to me.

It’s something that I feel like there’s a bit of like a tech nerd. Somebody who’s been into cryptos for a long time, as soon as I heard about NFTs, I thought, well, you know, I don’t think there will ever be another trend. That’s just more suited to me. So that’s it.

[00:02:11] Lauren Turton: So then tell me, when did you first hear about NFTs?

[00:02:14] That NFT Guy: So I actually got into the game somewhat late. I think I first heard about them back in October. October, 2020, when the NBA top shots where setting for, you know, 10,000, 20,000, $30,000. And I really regretted not doing more research back then and jumping back into it then, when everything was basically pennies of what it would cost to buy it now.

And I was aware of it in October, I was aware of it in January. I saw, you know, cryptopunks when they were a few hundred dollars last year in 2020. Again, it didn’t do anything about it. And then I saw Bored Ape when they were barely minting. And again, didn’t do anything about it. And really the first time I got into NFTs was because of Gary Vee and his launch of Veefriends as somebody who was like complete master of building community and building campaigns and building hype, it was something that just drew my attention.

And after seeing what happened with cryptopunks and everything else, I just couldn’t help, but get involved in.

[00:03:13] Lauren Turton: Okay. So it’s interesting to hear your journey into the NFT space, because it sounds similar to what I hear. Some people saying where they hear about it, they hear about it, they see things. And then there’s something that triggers them to actually take action in the space and something I’d like to understand a little bit more is. Are you still working your day job? Where are you at in regards to that?

[00:03:37] That NFT Guy: I am still working my day job. The thing is my day job is something that I just enjoy. It’s one of those jobs that doesn’t feel like a job because I’m able to define things that get executed creatively. It’s not something that I want to give up anytime soon. So we all working on a project, which I’m sure we’ll talk about later, but once that project is out there, that’s something I will commit my, we say the next decades of our life too, but you know, until that’s launched, then I don’t see myself quitting my day job.

[00:04:04] Lauren Turton: Okay. And I asked that question because I know so many people who are getting into the NFT space.

They’re balancing a lot because once you do get into the NFT world, it’s almost an addiction, and you’re balancing your day job, you’re balancing your life that you previously had. And now you’re balancing NFTs. So it’s good to hear from you about your experience in regards to, yeah. I am still working my day job.

I have several projects I’m involved in and excited about, and I want to actually get into now, which projects excite you the most now?

[00:04:37] That NFT Guy: That is a great question and you know, you bring up a really good point as well around NFT addiction. I think before I actually talk about what products get me really excited about, it’s just, I want to say about how much of an emotional roller coaster NFTs can be, especially when you’re trying to mint one, a drop or at launch, because it’s such a rush to know whether or not you get it.

It’s such an emotional roller coaster. And when you don’t get one and then you see what happens sometimes in the secondary market, and you really kicked yourself for not being able to get one or having identified a good drop, a good project.

And then, you know, and not being fortunate enough to get one, there are times where I’ve had to like step away from my computer. You know, go out for a walk, get some fresh air and come back at it because it just activates a part of your brain that I’m sure activates the same parts of your brain that would be activated if you are gambling, basically.

So it is very much, I feel an addiction. So if you are getting into this, you know, don’t be disheartened. If you don’t get the products, don’t get the projects. You’re passionate about that. There will always be another project. And just take your one step at a time, I’d say, but to answer your actual question, what projects I’m excited about, and actually three projects come to mind.

I’ll talk about them one at a time. One of them is just minting right now and I was just trying to mint it. And then for that they had to delay their launch by one day is called the surreal and it’s based on surreal paint art. So it really isn’t hard and it is the first surrealist collectible series that I’ve seen. And I think it’s the first one that’s ever launched.

And the artwork is beautiful, is breathtaking. That it’s something that they’ve really built a strong community around. I think they’ve got about 28,000 people in the discord, which is incredible considering that, you know, the NFT communities only a few hundred thousand people, you know, talking about double digit percentages of entire NFT community in there. And it’s something that the founders are just really open and honest about. They say, you know, we’re artists, we’re here to create, we’re not here to sell you on long-term roadmaps. We’re just here to put our art. And that was just kind of refreshing to see.

You see a lot of, you know, new collections that claim that they’re going to do this or claim they’re going to do that. They have long roadmaps. And I’m yet to see a project roadmap. That is actually fulfilled. To be honest, there’s lots of short-term plans to build hype, to pump up prices, put in money into the founder’s pockets.

And then the founders kind of either run away into the sunset. And you know, when you’ve made millions of dollars from, you know, in a few minutes in a Trop. It’s human nature to take a step back and enjoy it. So in some sense, you don’t blame them, but if this was any other world, any other business, you know, it would be scandalous, but, you know, so I’d say, you know, look for art that you love.

And in that way, if it doesn’t pump, if it doesn’t move, then at least you’ve got art. You can hang up on the wall you love.

[00:07:25] Lauren Turton: That’s a great, tidbit to share is, invest in the art that you love. At the end of the day, it’s in your wallet and you have to get it. So if you don’t actually love it. Even if it could be a successful project, you don’t know if it’s going to be a successful project or not.

So I love that you shared that. So tell me another project that you’re really excited about right now.

[00:07:49] That NFT Guy: Yeah. So another project is one that’s been around for a little while. I mentioned it right at the very start it’s actually Veefriends it’s done by the famous Gary Vee. I’m not sure if you’re aware of him is quite a big time influencer, especially in the US.

[00:08:00] Lauren Turton: Actually saw him speak in person.

[00:08:04] That NFT Guy: Wow.

[00:08:04] Lauren Turton: Friday evening, just a few nights ago, I saw that he was on an airplane on his Instagram story during the Christie’s auction. And I thought to myself, where’s he going? He didn’t say that he was speaking somewhere. This is interesting. What’s happening? And I jumped into the Veefriends discord group and asked.

Gary, where are you going? And somebody replied San Diego, California. Well, I live in San Diego, so I jumped on and was like, where, what, how? And he was speaking at a conference here in San Diego and I was able to buy a one day pass.

[00:08:41] That NFT Guy: Wow, epic.

[00:08:42] Lauren Turton: So I saw him speak in person and he was as brilliant in person, as you would imagine him to be. Did not disappoint.

[00:08:50] That NFT Guy: Wow. He is somebody who I admire great. Yeah. And I have to admit, I spent the first of 25 years of my life not being a fan of him. Right. And I know he’s only been around for 15 years, but I, even before that, I wasn’t a fan of him. But as I started to listen to more of his videos and try to understand more about what he’s, you know, what he’s talking about, what he’s preaching about.

I really started to resonate with it off things he said, which is mostly around not putting unnecessary pressure on yourself, not rushing your life, not rushing your career, not benchmarking yourself to other people. And is more or less everything he says comes back to just improving your own mental health. So I think in our day and age where everybody’s success is so visible, I just, I really resonated with that.

And so when Gary Vee announced that he was going to be doing a NFT collection called Veefriends, it was something that I interested in straight away. I joined the community really early. I was one of the first few thousand people in there. And then it got to, you know, over 150,000 people, I think at one point, then he thought about every detailed down to the smallest detail. It’s something that just other collections just haven’t done.

So what Gary Vee did was thought, what will make people want to hold on to this. What will make people feel like they’re part of something that’s bigger than themselves and what will make people think this is something that I can give to my children one day as an inheritance.

He push this as a 40 year investment for him, that he was going to dedicate the next fourty years of his life to building this community. And the funny thing was is that it wasn’t a like incredibly successful launch. It actually took, I think about two weeks or so for it to sell out, which, you know, at that point, was a little bit worrying.

I was actually one of the first, I think I was in the first 10 people to buy a Veefriends. I overpaid horrendously, cause it was a Dutch auction, came from a high price down to a low price. And at the time, which was a lot of money for me, I was like, oh God, I have overpaid horrendously by ended up getting a good Veefriend.

It was well worth the money that I spent and now it’s worth 10 fold, of course, because of what he’s done as the malprac obviously. And yeah, at the time, it wasn’t an incredibly successful launch. It took a couple of weeks to sell out, but he was so true to his vision of building community, building a, something that goes beyond the NFT.

Something that you can feel, something that you can see me go onto the discord, like a sense of a common identity when you’ve got a Veefriends. And he did it so successfully to the point where its supply of Veefriends completely dried up. So there was 10,000 launched. And I think right now there’s only a few hundred for sale.

Is it like it’s single digit percentages are available for sale. If you benchmark that to any of the 10 K collection, it is leading by miles. It’s indifferent leaks to other collections. And that just shows you what percentage of buyers of his holders are holding for the long-term. And it’s not just because of the identity.

It’s also because he created very explicit utility around the token. So if you hold a token, You can access the three ears of the conferences and people known Gary Vee. And how much of a, you know, a conference man, he is, people got very excited by that. So I bought two one for me and one of my brothers, I should have bought another one.

I got two brothers for selling, I have to make a very difficult decision.

[00:12:15] Lauren Turton: I think we know you might have a favorite brother, huh?

[00:12:20] That NFT Guy: Yeah. I’m trying to work my way up to another one, another Vefriend. So he did three years of Veefriends and because you’ve got that explicit reason to hold and that, you know, implicit reason to hold, you know, the identity, the culture, the community that he’s built, totally dried up supply.

And now the floor price, I think is somewhere around 16 or 17 eth for a floor Veefriends so that’s, you know, you’re talking about almost $60,000 to, you know, for Veefriends. So he’s one of there’s been many celebrities that I have ventured into NFTs because they see it as a cash grab. Right. I think I won’t name names because I don’t want to shame anybody, but if you see a celebrity getting involved in NFTS, it doesn’t mean it’s a good thing.

Right. It just means that they’re looking to come collect some money, you know, realize that people who invest in cryptocurrency as long time have eaten their wallet a lot now. And they can just spend it without having to worry about, you know, paying their mortgage and things like that. And they’ll take it and almost run away.

So, but Gary Vee is one of those celebrities that really studied the NFT space. Studied what to release collection.

[00:13:28] Lauren Turton: There’s so much to talk about in this space. It’s absolutely endless. So something that you said in there that I’d like you to elaborate on a little bit. You said the word utilities and the audience for freedom with NFTs.

These are new people to the space. So tell us a little bit more about what utility is.

[00:13:47] That NFT Guy: Yeah. That’s a great thing. It’s something that’s like, you know, redeemable something gives you value outside of the digital token. So, you know, utility could be, you know, access to film. It could be access to a football game.

It could be, you know, access to concert tickets. It’s something that provides value beyond token so Gary, would try to tell you that he’s not an artist, right. He’s scribbles really are scribbles, right? And I’m sure you have art students studying it in six years time. Right? But for the time being he’s not an artist, but he found ways to add value beyond the token.

So long story short is utility is adding value beyond token. Does that makes sense?

[00:14:30] Lauren Turton: Absolutely. And I think that’s really important that we touched on that. Cause again, I don’t think people realize that there’s this other layer to just some JPEG that’s online. It goes so much deeper than that. Are there any other projects that you want to share about that you’re really excited for?

[00:14:46] That NFT Guy: Yeah, absolutely. I mean, so that I mentioned the first one, was the surreal, so that was around the art. The second one, Veefriends was about around utility. And the third thing I always look for when I’m trying to find a new collection to mint is collectability. So that’s something that makes you think I want to hold on to this, right.

It’s something that can add to my collection. And there’s so many things that tick, that box, but the easiest one for a new joiner, a new person into the NFT world is really NBA top shop. And if you’re going to buy one of those, don’t expect it to rise overnight. Don’t expect it to be an investment that’s where you will have 10 times when it is now in 10 years time, but it’s a collectible and it’s collectible that’s done really well because they’ve turned specific moments in the NBA into a digital token that you can hold onto and add to your collection.

And as I’m really clever things such as, you know, combining various moments to give you access to other moments they have weekly competitions, monthly competitions, they have different scales or parity. They’ve also formatted moments in a really appealing way. I’m analyzing this quite scientifically, not as actually a sports fan, but they have done something really incredible with what was previously just a sports game.

And I think NBA top shot is a what I’d call a blue chip NFT, even though it’s not technically an NFT cause it’s not on the blockchain. I won’t get into that, but it is a digital token is a blue chip thing that you can buy and that I’m fairly confident if you did.

It’s not something that will totally tank continuous time, but it’s something you can collect and have fun with.

[00:16:22] Lauren Turton: Thank you so much for sharing about these three projects and getting into the specifics as to why you are passionate about them and why you support them. So that segues us perfectly into what are three tips that you would give someone who is entering the NFT space.

[00:16:43] That NFT Guy: Oh, awesome. So the first thing I think is always combined, those three things. So, you know, look for artwork that you like, look for utility, and then look for collectability. If something takes all three, then that’s more or less a good buy. Now that I will give slightly more technical tips for people who are looking at buying NFTS, that they hope might be worth something one day, the first one is actually not so technical, but it’s looking at the community around the NFT.

Right. And that’s something that I think a lot of artists coming from the traditional art world, into the NFT haven’t quite figured out how to do yet, but the artists who have managed to build a community around their art, you know, people talk about it on their discord, on Reddit, in WhatsApp groups and telegrams that talk about art and share their artwork and share their passion for the art online.

Our projects are much likely to do well in the longterm. So the projects right now that are really taking off the, you know, projects like dead feathers, projects like galactic apes projects, like bored apes are the ones that have done a phenomenal job of building a community around their art.

Right. They build fans around there and connect them, get them working together, you know, get them doing derivatives that, doing contests, organizing meetups. So if you can find a piece of art. Find the community behind it, go onto that discord and just see if there’s chat and see what type of chat there is. If it’s positive, if it’s warm, if it’s collaborative, if it’s inclusive and if it is, then that’s probably a good sign.

So that’s definitely the first tip. So look for the community around the art.

[00:18:21] Lauren Turton: Wonderful reflection. Thank you so much for that. I don’t think people realize how community based the NFT world is. I know for myself, when I first entered this space, which was August 17th, that day that I took action.

After a few months worth of research, I went into the NFT face from the lens of being an artist for my project, find the hare. I thought I was going to come into an NFT world and just, you know, sell some artwork. And that’s what I was going to do. Next thing I know, I become a part of the happy land, gummy bear community, and my mind was below.

At the community that they had created and how deep it ran and how strong this community was. And from there that spiral or me into realizing I needed to look at the NFT space, not from the lens of an artist, but from the lens of all possibilities, which actually led me to creating the podcast that you’re on today.

I realized that I could leverage my expertise in my day job. For this community. And I think that’s another great takeaway from this conversation is you can leverage what you’re doing and the regular world in the NFT space. There’s endless opportunities and everyone is needed here.

[00:19:46] That NFT Guy: Without a doubt. This is the thing with NFTs is that it’s so early in the game, there’s only a few, I think a few hundred thousand wallets, definitely less than a million wallets that are active on OpenSea each day. And you compare that to, you know, the early days of eBay and you just think about how much room for growth there is. I am a fundamental believer that every piece of artwork in 10 years time, in 15 years time will be sold as an NFT or within a company of NFT because it gives so much value to the artists.

It gives so much value to the buyer. So it’s something that, you know, if you’re thinking about it, if you’re thinking about jumping in, I’d say do it as soon as possible every day that you wait is like a, it’s like three months in the real world. And just pick up on something. You said you went on the happy land gummy discord. Is that right?

[00:20:35] Lauren Turton: Yes and I have one gummy bear and I also have a one from them.

[00:20:40] That NFT Guy: That’s awesome. Wait, think you’re trying to complete their challenge. I think they had like a challenge to send like a certain number of messages or something like that. And you’ve got a free gummy bear. Did you do that all up?

[00:20:50] Lauren Turton: A recent contest that I participated in with them was a story writing contest. And so they had all of us write stories from the viewpoint of your bear. And so I told a story that my bear was going through. I did not place in the contest, but I did participate and it was super fun to be a part of that contest because it was bringing out that skillset that I do have, but I was able to apply it in a way that I don’t normally do.

I normally copyright for my business and the content that I put on socials, but I have not copywritten for a fun story from the viewpoint of a gummy bear before. So I love that they had that contest.

[00:21:34] That NFT Guy: Yeah. That’s another thing to look out for it. You’re I try and get a sense of what community is right.

To see what sort of competitions are putting out there, because you’ve seen a lot of new NFC collections now where their competitions are really about trying to invite as many people as you can to this discord. Right. And not really about building a community, like not really about, you know, telling stories to each other then to find out about each other’s lives.

You know, what goes on outside of NFTs. So that was really good. The reason why I put it up is because I was on the happy land gummy bear discord a lot. I was trying to the challenge basically to try and send 3000 messages by launch. And if you did, you got a certain number of gummy bears for free.

So I was on right until the very last minute of minting. And I just about got to 3000 messages. I think I had like 3001 or 3002 or something like that. So I probably saw you on the, you know, yeah, probably.

[00:22:28] Lauren Turton: What’s another tip that you would give someone who’s entering the NFT community. We’ve talked about community. We touched a little bit about looking to see maybe what competitions are happening within communities, how to actually be involved.

What else would you suggest?

[00:22:42] That NFT Guy: Another thing to look out for is whether the collection is actually doing something new, right. Or whether it’s just a copycat collection. So somebody joining the NFT space right now will see that there’s 20 collections dropping in one day. Right. And that is actually a statistical fact that I saw over a seven day period, last week, there were 140 odd collections dropping in a week.

So that’s over 20 drops a day. And if you look through 90% of them, they are more or less copycat drops, which means that all they’re trying to do is jump on the hype of another project or just create a collectible that they put out there without any real long-term plan. So ask yourself, is this collection really innovating?

Are they doing something? What happy land gummy bears did was, I thought was really interesting was, up until about a few weeks before launch, they were going to charge, I think, 0.3 or 0.2 or something like that. And then they said, no, we want to put this out there for free. We really liked the community that we’re building.

You know, this realistically, you know, do we deserve to get millions from this launch? Probably not. So let’s give it out to people for free. And they did. And the community responded with so much warmth, so much grace that I think happy land gummy bears sold out in a matter of minutes. When I say sold-out people minted it, in a matter of minutes. And what they did after was set royalty to about 5% and then that helped them, you know, at least recruit something from their work that they put into the collection.

So that was something NFT that needed. The very first innovators really were, were bored apes. They were the originators and everybody else copied them. We have VeeFriends who, you know, we’re innovating in terms of utility. And you’d have actually, the very, very first was cryptopunks, which was really more of an experiment that actually put out there for free rather than actually sending those.

So I’d say that the second tip, long story short, fact collection is doing something. If not, then the founders probably don’t have their heart in.

[00:24:44] Lauren Turton: Thank you for that. Definitely helpful as people are entering the NFT space and I want to segue into what you’re actually working on right now. What’s going on in your world?

[00:24:59] That NFT Guy: Thanks for that. Well, we’re working on something that I’m really passionate about, where a team of five founders, we’re all equal. There’s no CEO, there’s no boss. And we’re working on a cause that all of us are incredibly passionate about, which is around animal cruelty and animal welfare. And the collection is really built around a story.

And it’s the first of its kind and I’ll explain why in just a moment, but the story is around a character called Nails. Nails is a Guinea pig. He’s an innocent Guinea pig, who’s spent his entire life in an animal testing facility. He knows no other life. He wakes up every day to be experimented on. They’re not brutal experiments, but they’re things that are more of an inconvenience.

He receives his favorite food. He’s very comfortable in his cage. He has no inclination to leave that room at all, because he’s known no other life. He’s not happy. He’s not sad. He’s just living, you know, and I think that’s something I hope a lot of people can probably resonate with. With everything that’s happened in the last couple of years.

But one day he gets a new neighbor and the neighbor’s incredibly talkative does not stop touching his stuff. Does not stop wanting to talk, does not stop wanting to chat and play games and, you know, just spend time with him and it drove him crazy. It was a change of pace that he just didn’t want. And it got to the point where he, you know, he couldn’t sleep at night.

It was really bothering him and he thought he was unhappy. Until again, one day she is taken away from him. She gets taken away to a lab that he knows to be brutal and he’s waiting for her. He’s waiting for her to come back and she doesn’t, and he doesn’t realize it. He didn’t realize it then, but he loved her and he is lost without her.

And he suddenly realized how dark his life was once she left. So he makes it his mission to go and find her. And as he duck comes across eight other characters that are going to help him along his way. And that is the 8.1 Uncaged. And what, this is the first NFT character series, which means if you mint the first character nails or Guinea pig, you are airdropped eight characters across eight chapters over 12 months.

And that’s just the start. You know, we want to build this out, into a story that we’ll be telling over the years and years in multiple different formats. It’s something that all of the founders have done before. You know, we have our lead designer, somebody who’s worked on Harry Potter. He’s worked on multiple Disney movies.

He’s worked on the mummy. He is one of the most sought after designers in the UK. We’ve got a lead storyteller. Who’s just so passionate about this. And one of the most talented writers I’ve ever worked with, we’ve got a neat art director who is genuinely a little bit crazy, but he has a beautiful line.

And he has developed the concept of nails along with our lead storyteller. And then we’ve got our lead artwork and our lead marketer. Who’s just such a passionate business woman and entrepreneur, somebody who loves the NFT space and has spent the last few months really embedded herself in it. And you kind of got me, who’s just really, you know, the sexy British accent who can come on podcast. You know, talk about the NFT collection, but it’s something that we’re really passionate about. And, you know, we were inspired what Gary Vee said about thinking about utility beyond, you know, the drops.

So we were thinking about how can we continue to add value? And that’s what we thought of the other eight character drops. And something else that he said it inspired us was the, you know, the 40 years and the founding team are ready to dedicate the next decades of their life, the next 40 years of their lives to this collection, to the community that we’re building.

So it’s something I hope you can sense. It’s something that I’m just so incredibly passionate about that we might need to do 5, 6, 7, 8 episodes of this podcast just to test.

[00:28:52] Lauren Turton: So give me a timeframe here. Where are you at in the journey of this project?

[00:28:58] That NFT Guy: We are very close to launch. Actually we had our public announcement just a couple of days ago.

And it was just overwhelmingly positive. It’s just something that we didn’t even expect when he at the point now where we are in the four digits in our discord. So we are just over a thousand people in our discord, and there’s so much warm, so much positivity. There’s so much friendliness. I know the lives of people in our community.

Now I know people by their first names by I know their children, I know their sleep schedule. I know what TV shows they’re watching. And it’s just, it’s so beautiful to see unfold in front of your eyes, that you’ve got a community that’s being built in front of you.

So long story short, where are we in the process? We are launching, hopefully end of this month, probably first or 2nd of November, but TBC. We’ve got all of our artwork ready. We’ve got that ready to upload. It’s going to be in a drop on OpenSea and a bit Dutch auction starting at 0.5 and going down to 0.1 and we’re doing that on very consciously to limit gas wars, which is a thing in NFTS, I won’t go into it. Otherwise I might scare some of your audience away from NFTs, but we’re doing it basically to limit them out. People can lose from gas if they were to try and to purchase one. So we’re very close, long story short.

[00:30:17] Lauren Turton: And how can we find this project?

How can we connect further?

[00:30:22] That NFT Guy: Oh, great question. So we have our Twitter set up is called the 8.1. It’s something I’ll send to you after. And if you go on there, you’ll be able to see this discord link. We have a website going live next week. We’ve got a trailer going live in a couple of weeks as well. And I think after that, you should be seeing us everywhere on Twitter.

I hope.

[00:30:41] Lauren Turton: Amazing. I just gave that a follow on Twitter. So I am now connected and I will join the discord group. And how can we get ahold of you? How can we stay in touch with you?

[00:30:52] That NFT Guy: I am on that discord. I talk to people in that discord, more frequent, even I talked to my wife, I just think, and actually, I think in fact, she’s been getting a little bit jealous recently.

I probably shouldn’t be saying that out loud, actually on the podcast. If you go into that discord, I’m so active. All the founders are active on it. It’s not something where, you know, we want to have moderators, moderate the discord. We are building a community that’s based on our fundamental values, positivity, inclusivity, optimism, warmth, collaboration.

So the founders are doing everything to instill that in the community. So you’ll see us on there again.

[00:31:30] Lauren Turton: Amazing and tell me, what’s your handle on Twitter? How do I follow you there?

[00:31:35] That NFT Guy: That_nft_guy.

[00:31:39] Lauren Turton: That_nft_guy, that’s you. Well, thank you so much for being with us on freedom with NFTs.

Is there anything else you’d like to share with our audience before we wrap this up?

[00:31:49] That NFT Guy: If you’re thinking about NFTs, stop thinking, start doing it. It’s something that I just think the whole world will regret that they didn’t do sooner has been life-changing for me. And I’m sure it will be life-changing for you.

[00:32:04] Lauren Turton: I agree a hundred percent on that.

Well, thank you again so much that NFT guy for being with us on freedom with NFTs, that’s all for today’s episode.

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