How to Get Involved in the Metaverse : Chris Oniya from Metatrekkers

In this episode of Freedom with NFT’s Chris Oniya shares with us about:

  • Why did a Harvard professor apologize to Chris about NFTs
  • Why the metaverse is changing how businesses operate
  • How Metatrekkers is onboarding and educating people on the metaverse
  • Steps to get involved in the metaverse

About Chris Oniya:

Chris Oniya is the Founder & Visionary of MetaTrekkers, LifeofMusk NFT Founder & Visionary of LifeofMusk, OpenSea & Ripple Angel Investor, Texas Blockchain Council Houston Ambassador, and Harvard VPAL FinTech Student.

Chris Oniya is a Ph.D. Candidate of International Business Administration, Master of Business Administration, and Bachelor of International Trade of UIBE. Though born in the United States, he has a good command of oral Chinese. While studying and working in China for 14 years, he has traveled to over 20 countries, including forty states in the U.S. and all provinces in China. As such, he is a world citizen, as well as an expert in Chinese affairs.

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Welcome, Chris. How are you today?

[00:00:51] Chris Oniya: Amazing, amazing. Thank you, Lauren Turton, for having me on your podcast for having me on Freedom with NFT’s. I’m excited. I’m excited. Thank you.

[00:01:01] Lauren Turton: I’m so excited for you to be here today and share about what you’re doing in the metaverse. I know, it’s gonna help so many people wrap their heads around what the metaverse actually is and how they can get involved with this technology. But before we go there, tell us what your background is in.

[00:01:18] Chris Oniya: My background is in international trade import export, I did a Bachelor and import export, I have an MBA in business. I’m an MBA in business, of course. And also I have a doctorate degree as well, in business management.

[00:01:33] Lauren Turton: That’s so interesting. Tell us about when you first heard about NFTs.

[00:01:37] Chris Oniya: I used to live in China for about 15 years. And that’s where I accumulated my my degrees that speak no fluent Mandarin, because, of course, we’re in Chinese. But in 2020, because of COVID, I started, I came back to United States. And when I came back, I was thinking about how can I get more integrated into you know, an American society or in society as a whole. I’ve been gone for 18 years. And so in China was doing pretty well. And I thought about it, how can I? What did I do in China to you know, to kind of mix and mingle with the right people? First thing that came my head was education. Why not go back to school again, and study but I can’t go back and get more degrees, right. So I said, You know what, let me go and take some short-term courses online, and see if they can help stimulate my further development in society. So I took I went to three universities. One was Columbia University. One was Harvard University, and another one was Rice University. So I was there at Columbia University, and I was sort of the person that kind of helped facilitate all my classmates, it was online and offline. So we had like, a WhatsApp group. And we’re always talking in our classmates, one of them. I organize a lot of lectures and a lot of seminars. And so one of the classmates I wanted to speak of, he was a very smart dude, he’s always active in our chats. And you know, we always have good engagement. So we like to speak. And he said, No, I’m not, I’m not interested in speaking. But he said, Chris, if you don’t mind, I can teach you something about what I’m doing this in 2020. This is right way before people are waiting for, you know, things that get popped off. I said, What would you like to teach me? He said, I would like to teach you about NF T’s. What is that? And you know, he kept trying to explain to me, it was so hard to grasp the concept. And I was like, let’s teach the class how the class is like, no, it’s very difficult you want I can teach you and He started talking about how cats come together. And cats can breed and make other cats crypto kitties, and there’s so many concepts. And, you know, it was the first time in weird but the more I dug into it more, as I noticed that this is going to be an amazing concept. I started doing a lot of research and just you know, just in it every day. And when I went to Harvard University, I was talking to Professor and I said, Man, I think the next biggest thing is going to be in a tease. And the professor kind of laughed at and yesterday that video is in 2021 around February now. He was like in a tease. You came to Harvard to learn about blockchain cryptocurrency and speak about a fad JPEGs. He said, you know, stop doing it. And you know, everyone was laughing at me in class, because on Zoom, because they didn’t understand the capacity of it. And I just left it alone. And I just started researching it. And I started seeing that, excuse me, seeing that help in a tease later would need a better use case than just a picture will need a place to display it. And so that’s when I talked to him about the metaverse saying, okay, I get it. You can put in a tease inside the metaverse to show off your art collection. Because right now, it seems to only be shown in your wallet, your digital wallet. So when that happened, when I was just thinking three weeks later, during class to Harvard professor, he, we had another Zoom meeting. And he said guys, I’d like to apologize to somebody. He said I’ve actually went to go do my homework, my research, and he says yes, in a tease. That’s going to be huge. And I’d like to apologize to Chris because he’s the one who brought it up and I almost cried. I was like, wow, you know, I didn’t expect it. So I still continue my path but But during my path, you know, I got to hit roadblocks, but then later the roadblocks turned into acknowledgment from my professor. And so then that’s when I said, Okay, man, I got to cosign, and I started investing in the metaverse in March of 2021. And decentraland sandbox just started investing in buying their currencies, and then looking how to acquire interest how to build infrastructure in the metaverse. So that’s how I pretty much got started from a classmates being around the right people at the right time and just being open to change and innovation.

[00:05:32] Lauren Turton: So when you were first finding out about NF T’s, and you’re going through this process of getting laughed at in class, but you’re still interested in it, what was the catalyst for you to actually take action in this space?

[00:05:44] Chris Oniya: That’s very good question, Lauren. So I, I guess, first, I’ve always been amongst my crowd that had the first mover advantage. You know, of course, first mover, you know, early adopter, I’ve always been an early adopter, I’m in my community. And I noticed that it takes time for people to see the end goal, the long term goal, it can be a pro, it can be a con, sometimes, it’s very hard for me to get a lot of support very early on, because people don’t see the vision. That’s what I’m doing. But later as I go on, then they start to see the vision they want to join. So I know I had that skill center capability. Now he gets to a point in my age where I have to balance it. So it makes sense, the vision makes sense. Like before, when we want to do we wanted to have business conferences, if I wanted to meet you long before, the only way I can meet you was to fly to where you at take a first class plane ticket to fly to see you drive a car, which is gonna take about an hour or so to airport, put clothes on, take a shower, I’ve seen a lot of time with with just competition. And so that because of COVID, we learned that that wasn’t, that wasn’t going to be the way going forward and we start doing zoom. But zoom still took time with Zoom, I still take a shower, I still I might I might have pants on it might not have hands on, but I still have to put a shirt on I still have to get ready. I still have to prepare to see you talk to you. And you know, and then when I get off, you know, online down, so I’m still wasting hours communicating. And as long as you’re as you are also a professional, you’re a business person. You know, time is one of the most precious assets that we have. And it’s something that we can’t get back that can be spent with family, friends, etc. So I said, okay, the metaverse I get it. I no longer had to put on clothes in the real world. Just put on clothes in the metaverse go inside, speak to them on the computer. I don’t have to spin on time and do transportation. It’s been no money or finances or transportation. I can also save resources. It was a no brainer. Like the concept once you really dig dive deep inside and think about how much energy time resources money. The Metaverse saves you from having these these, you know these these meetings or these engagements. It’s a no brainer.

[00:07:58] Lauren Turton: Thank you for that breakdown of the metaverse and how it is that you’re leveraging and using it. I want to go deeper into that though.

[00:08:07] Chris Oniya: We’re so deep. We’re so deep already. Lauren, do you want to go?

[00:08:12] Lauren Turton: I want to know I want to know what you’re doing in the metaverse. Tell us about meta trekkers.

[00:08:17] Chris Oniya: Thank you, Lauren. So MetaTrader is breaking down first meta, which means Metaverse checkers, which means walking, you know, so we’re helping people trick walk through the metaverse. It’s a huge concept I spent then going on nearly two years trying to understand everything. And I’m still learning every day, with the amount of knowledge and information and resources I gained. I want to now have my community also walk the path that I learned or even walk up a further path. And I learned so we’re doing a lot of different things here. The first thing that we’re doing, which I think is pretty cool, is that we’re allowing our users to own land rights. So I bought my land at the time was around 5000. And last year 2021 of my birthday is September 1. Now, it’s already went up by 122%. So which means the currency to buy or went up over 20 grand, it’s not open so you can look it up. And but average person is not going to spend that kind of funds very early on, because you don’t know where the space is going. Is it a fad? Is it real is still in a middle area. So I said the first thing I want to do is I want to allow people that do believe in this or want to give it a chance to be able to still buy land. So what we did was we fractionalize our land, we tokenize our land, which means that everybody that buys everybody with VIP members that whiteness members that buy our identities will have a certain percentage of land rights to our land. So that means that it’s no longer owned by me. It’s owned by the community. I think that’s number one. We’ve also created revenue streams. I think you you guys I think made more municipal parks last time. So you know, in the real world, you have billboards. Well, we work with a company, very famous company, they call and we and we have a smart billboard, a smart billboard means every time somebody goes in our clubhouse, that community gets rewarded, we generate funds, and whoever owns the land has land rights, they will reap the benefits, the funds will be split amongst the community. And so that’s something that we’ve we’ve worked on to generate funds, leasing our land out to other people. On June 27, we have two very, very famous artists. And that’s, that’s very famous in the southern part of America, they’ll be they’ll be performing at our venue, and they they leased it out from us, those again, are whitelisted as VIP members will benefit from. So the first thing that we’re doing is we’re allowing the masses of people to buy until the land at a very low price. It’s only 200 US dollars, so no need to spend over $1,000. That’s number one. And number two, what we’re doing is education. We are looking for people that are very people like yourself, Lauren Turton that are very smart, educated. I’m trying to think of all the edges I can use to describe you. are very smart, educated, elegant, that want to teach the community about different topics. We’re looking for speakers we’re looking for. To create live sessions. We will stream the live sessions in our Clubhouse people, a big 65 inch plasma screen TV inside our clubhouse, and we have a big community. We’re growing fast, our numbers are doubling every day. So these are community members would now come to our Clubhouse to watch Lauren Turton on the plasma screen TV, just like what we’re doing now we can stream zoom to our Clubhouse so they can watch you on our Clubhouse in the metaverse and they can learn so live sessions conferences is something that we’re doing as well. We’re inviting influential speakers that want more exposure to web three that want to get more involved in this big emerging community. We’re inviting them to our Clubhouse to speak to our community and engage get new followers. That’s number two, a live session number three, the onboarding process. A lot of people have this big Miss connotation that in order to get to the metaverse, you need augmented reality devices, you need to have a virtual VR headset, etc. You don’t need unlimited. All you need is a laptop or desktop and you can get in. It’s not that complicated. I think in movies, they put it like that just make it seem cool. But right now, the metaverse is not at that destination right now. So there’s no one that in the metaverse that had that technology to build on that. So it’s still in very simple phase. And so that mean is good because it means the masses can get on. So we’re onboarding people. On Mondays, we onboard hundreds of people, hundreds of people every day should come on the lawn. Every Monday, we onboard hundreds of people and take them around the metaverse and just we were just checking, we’re checking to the metaverse and it’s like this community. We’re 100 people, we’re on Twitch, we’re live streaming it and take them around. On Saturdays we have it’s called the newbie tours. The newbies are for people that just new don’t know what to do how to get on. And we just show them. You know, bit by bit. It’s no more than 10 people we do on Saturdays. That’s another service that we provide is onboarding. And the last but not least, what we provide is we have a DJ battle. So we’ve got 12 of the most influential DJs and some of them are going to be there with us at NF T NYC, we got some of the most influential DJs in this space that are going to be competing a friendly competition to win the prize. And you know, we’re we’re the prize will. We’re going to promote we’re going to make an entity album for them and promote it and help them distribute it to the community and web three, we’re going to go on to get all paid expenses. So there’s a there’s so many things that we’re doing in in the metaverse that there has gained a lot of traction again. tokenization live sessions onboarding and entertainment which DJ competitions.

[00:13:48] Lauren Turton: This episode of freedom with NFT’s was funded through a grant from the NEAR foundation. To learn more about how the NEAR foundation is building the future of the Creator economy. Visit N E A R dot O R G.

Absolutely incredible what you’ve created Chris, very, very impressive, very interesting. If someone right now is listening to this episode, and they’re interested in the metaverse and getting involved, but they might be a little bit overwhelmed. What’s the first step that they take?

[00:14:24] Chris Oniya: That’s a good question. Lauren. Thank you. The first step that they take, they can do two things. The first one, if you’re really new, you can DM us on Twitter. We’re very very, very active on Twitter. So you can DM us on Twitter and you can reach out to us let us know what might overwhelm you or where you’re stuck at and we can kind of see how we can help better to accommodate you. That’s number one. Number two, if you go to our website and the first page the front page it says Discord is it join our Discord. I encourage all you guys just joined the discord guys discord for some of you that don’t know it’s very similar to Slack but it’s Discord is more for interactive capabilities and it’s more for gamers but JOIN OUR DISCORD. Our community is huge now and a very, very active. So I think the first thing is in order to really get emerged in and to understand things join discord and you the community will embrace you. I want to say something that happened yesterday, which is really, really interesting for me. We incorporated two more events into our ecosystem. The first event is at the metrics clubhouse. On the second floor, we have our art room art showcase. And so what we did was on Wednesdays and Fridays, we have two events, which was yesterday was Wednesday, is called the wearable Wednesday. So we call a lot of creators that create wearables, you know, wearables what you need to wear inside the metaverse, you can’t go naked, right. So we call a lot of wearable artists. And we display their artwork in our Clubhouse administrators clubhouse on the second floor, they send us the links, they send us a scription. And we post it, then we invite a lot of investors and collectors to come over. And artists also come and they speak about their art. And who was interested when they purchased it. Our take pictures is a way for artists to talk to community directly. We did it yesterday, you can check our Twitter page out, we had maybe nearly over 70 people show up, it was really, really, really been touching that was our first event. Another event we do on Fridays, we call it fan art Friday. And we invite in a tea artist, if you want to create an empty artwork, and that’s not where it was, we’re going to see our work. And we also put on a metric of clubhouse on on on Fridays. And when they had to artwork to submit that links to us. People that go to their their their artwork is clicking, it takes automatically to open see, and they can see everything about the artists etc. and artists also there on Friday to explain to them, and that’s something that I think went really well. And so the reason why I brought this up was yesterday of girls, she said she has an I guess she said she has problems speaking in public public. She’s very antisocial. And she you know, to be in in in communities and be around people. It’s become overwhelming for her. But because she had an opportunity to display her artwork and into mix and mingle with the community. She was speaking and you can see you can hear her voice. We actually recorded it. We recorded it. We’ll play the video next week in our clubhouse, but you can hear her voice that she was nervous. But just because the community was saying go you can do it. You can do it speak on the artwork and you know to speaking and she did a really good job. I think she had over 10 people yesterday that by her artwork, she was so shocked. So yeah, just join our Discord. Get involved. The community is so so so supportive.

[00:17:31] Lauren Turton: Wow, I love how you’re using this opportunity and these tools to be able to empower others in your community so that they can get their message heard from people around the world. You’re doing incredible work, Chris, you just share a very touching story. And I’m curious to know what’s your favorite memories so far during your experience in the metaverse?

[00:17:57] Chris Oniya: Oh, man, that’s a hard question. My favorite experience so far. In the metaverse, man, there’s been so many. I think for me, Lauren, my favorite experience in the metaverse is may sound kind of cheesy, but just to be in this community to be amongst these people. And just to be meeting people on a whole new capacity. Like I’m very sociable. I like to make friends. I like to meet people, but I felt like I kind of tapped out in the real world. It could have been because cold invite was going out. So you know now because COVID We all kind of stabilized and and just say you know you talk amongst your friends. But now and then when we got to Metaverse, we’re going out again. We’re going out we’re talking, we’re drinking the drinking, eating just give us a metaphor is eating, drinking, having a good time and meeting with friends, people in America, people that live down the street from you people in Germany, Brazil, Mexico, so many people. So I think that now I felt like I friends, my new friends I’ve made I feel like it’s even more than what wasn’t a real world. I think that’s number one. My best experience as far as just being in this community and experience in this new world technology. Number two, something that was pretty pretty cool. And it was it was an accident. So I had one person I supposed to be speaking to. She wanted to kind of get to know me and talk work on some deals. And we decided we’re going to be at the metrics clubhouse to communicate. I said sure. No, probably at two o’clock. We’re going to meet Saturday at two o’clock. Okay. And I was another guy that contacted me as well. And he said that he wanted to talk to me about certain things. You know about further development and Metaverse with meta trackers as well. And I unconsciously did it. I said meet me at metrics clubhouse at two o’clock. So I didn’t do it on purpose. But I was just you know, just on reflex. And then when I finished speaking to both of them at two different times, I got off the phone and I said oh my goodness, this Metaverse is gonna be here. Huge because now I can meet with both people in the metaverse and chat with them at the same exact time and be there with them at the same exact time. And I didn’t break a sweat. You can’t do that on Zoom. You can’t do that in real life. So you’re telling me that I can speak to two people at the same time, and be with them and getting that one on one experience, and still complete the goal. That’s when I just smile. And I was like, Oh, my goodness, this is way bigger than what I thought it was. I thought it was big, but I didn’t know how much it can really save time. You know, it was theories. But then when I started doing it started became reality. So I didn’t have my best experience when I when I when I started using the use cases on myself to help me save time and energy, which allowed me to be more productive in my day to day activities.

[00:20:52] Lauren Turton: Thank you for sharing that. What are you looking forward to in the metaverse?

[00:20:57] Chris Oniya: That’s a good question. A lot of people don’t agree with me. It’s a very controversial topic that I’m going to bring up right now. But like I said, it’s visionary. Sometimes we have to give time to people to understand it. What I am looking forward to, is that have multiple metal verses interoperable and then have them connected together. A lot of people think it won’t happen. I think it will. So currently right now metric is clubhouse. We’ve invested into three Metaverse is right now to extend our brand presents were in decentraland. Were in Sandbox, and will also in the other side, the other side is owned by what a yacht club, maybe its new name, etc. We’re in all three Metaverse is right now to our brand is we acquired land in these in these venues. So that way, for example, knowing that you ever in the future, give it a web live session, you will not just be featured in central and you’ll be altered metaphorically speaking at the same time. That’s something that I think that what we need to do is kind of have a different method versus interoperable. That’s number one. Number two, starting next week, but in the next week, we finally in a metric is clubhouse we have a third floor and fourth floor for building our yoga facility where people can come in and our military has clubhouse in learn yoga, there’s no need to go out no more. And outside you can do it from home. But to the clubhouse we have yoga T yoga teachers that will be teaching it. We also have dance teachers that will be giving salsa. And he’s emoji courses. So that’s something that I’m really looking forward to as well to give people that at home experience had them feel that a just because I’m not at the actual facility that we can’t do it at home and still have a yoga teacher. So that’s something I’m looking forward to as well.

[00:22:43] Lauren Turton: Incredible. You’re doing so many amazing things, Chris, and before we wrap this interview up, is there anything you’d like to share with the Freedom with NFT’s audience?

[00:22:52] Chris Oniya: Yeah, I would like to share two things during me you have been speaking for quite a while and I’m very happy that you know how we always talk and you know how you’re very supportive and your community as you have a very big community. So I’m going to do two things today for you in your community. What I’m going to do is I’m going to donate 10 wearables. These are called the called meta checker wearables. I’ll send you a picture in a little bit. I’m going to donate 10 wearables your orange and black. So when you go into the metaverse, like I said you can’t go making any clothes. So I’m donating 10 new outfits to your community I will donate as well to Team whitelist spots these whitelist spots allow people to have less own land rights inside the metric of clubhouse which enhance will allow them to generate revenue I will join our donate 10 whitelist bots and 10 metric or wearables I will send you pictures and if you want me to send a wall address to send it to you or send to whoever but what do we have to do with the light either Lauren your your personal Twitter account or if you have a freedom within a tea Twitter account they like it maybe like a meta check his account as well. And you say something something that they love about freedom within a tease you can decide on what it needs to be something they learned about from this this this talk we had today or maybe that money time so we can just generalize and say something about freedom within a tease tag you me an injury tweeted and then you know don’t they’ll be qualified to win these these wild spots and Putin where it was and like I said either articulate the logistics for you just let me know who won.

[00:24:26] Lauren Turton: Incredible. Thank you, Chris. It’s such such an honor to discuss this with you. I appreciate this giveaway so much. I know that the Freedom with NFT’s audience will love it as well. And one final question for you. How can we stay in touch with MetaTrekkers, what’s the Twitter handle?

[00:24:43] Chris Oniya: Twitter slash metatrekkers. So meta M E T A T R E K K E R S. I’m just follow us on on on Twitter. We’re very, very active. You can follow us on Facebook, Instagram, we’re on there as well on YouTube as well. Was the discord. We’re active there as well. We have our own website meta So pretty much every platform right now you can pretty much see us on. I think in about two weeks, we’re gonna be on tick tock. Because of these events that we’re doing. A lot of people want to see how it is the actual experience in the metaverse so we’ll be uploading all of our onboarding tours and our adventures on tiktok as well.

[00:56:19] Lauren Turton: Awesome. I love it, Chris. It’s been such an honor to have you on Freedom with NFTs. I know that I learned so much. And I’m sure everyone in the audience did. Freedom with NFTs, you know the drill. Share this episode with your community so that more people can get informed and get involved. I’m your host, Lauren Turton. We’ll see you on the next one.

I’m your host, Lauren Turton. And it’s been an honor to show up for you in this format, and support you on your journey and creating your version of freedom with NF T’s and web three technology. Please share this episode with your community so we can onboard and educate more people so that the masses could leverage and implement this technology. And don’t forget, get informed and get involved.

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